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Green Streets volunteer gardening in Vancouver.

C.W.B. Co.

"The Green Streets program is a program run by the city where residents can volunteer to take care of street gardens, traffic circles and corner bulges.  The program was started in 1994 with about 15 gardens and since then, the program has grown to over 350 gardens."

"I would say it's a beautification program, but it's more than that.  It's an engagement program it engages the community in their street-scape, it brings the community together." 

"The neighbors enjoy it, we enjoy it.  It's a win-win." 

The Eva Rubin Memorial Window Box Contest

C.W.B. Co.

Window Box competition in Philadelphia honors long-time resident Eva Rubin upon her passing.  Lovely sentiments are shared by her neighbors on how Ms. Rubin became an inspiration to the community.  This article is such a nice reminder of the gifts we're all capable of sharing with our neighbors... sometimes it just takes a few flowers on your front stoop.

Link to full article. 

"I didn’t see window boxes in Fishtown before Eva came along," says Zoa. "She was really instrumental." Not only that, but she was always generous—with her flowers and with her knowledge.

"The woman could make anything grow," Zoa says. "She was very knowledgeable and loved everything to do with the environment, plants, animals, and beautification. She was also very diligent—you couldn’t intimidate, aggravate, or discourage her."

With her flowers, as well as other projects like the Fishtown house signs and banners, Eva and the Beautification Committee beautified the neighborhood, both physically and in spirit. "It was nice for the people who had been here forever and the new people moving in to realize that we all had an interest in the same space on the planet," Zoa recalls. Any divisions were broken down under the banner of beautification. "It all stemmed from her desire to have a nicer environment for everybody." Though Eva has passed away, she left a lasting legacy that you can see every day as you walk through the community."


My Gardens In East Hampton - The Martha Stewart Blog

C.W.B. Co.

Martha Stewart shares her "work in progress"-- a garden in East Hampton:

"Recently, Ryan McCallister, my Bedford gardener and Gyurme, one of the farm crew, traveled to my East Hampton home for a day of intense gardening.  The Lily Pond Lane gardens had been planted for many years with hundreds of roses and you may recall that last spring, I had most of the bushes dug up and transplanted at my Bedford farm, where they seem to be growing quite nicely.  Many of you wondered what my plans were for the empty beds and Ryan took these photos to share with you.  Keep in mind that these gardens are a work in progress and I'm quite pleased with how they're taking shape."