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Care and Keeping

Taking good care of your boxes will ensure they have a long happy life. 

Here are our recommendations:  

1.  When soiled, wash boxes off with a garden hose or with warm soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.  Avoid the use of a pressure-washer.  

2.  If necessary, use a soft cloth to wipe boxes-- do not use an abrasive scrubber. 

3. Due to our fiber-glass filleted interior seams lining your box is not essential but doing so will extend the life of your box.  Something as simple as a plastic garbage bag cut to fit will help retain moisture in the soil while helping to keep the box dry.  Don't forget to cut drainage holes in the garbage bags to match the box's pre-drilled holes.

4.   Touch-up kits are available in the online shop for $15.  Custom-color touch-up kits are provided free of charge for all custom color orders.