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About the Company

Charleston Window Box Company began after a long search for window boxes to hang on our own home here in Charleston.  We wanted boxes that were durable and beautiful but found it a challenge to find a box with even just one of these traits!  So much of what we see on the market is sure to fall apart after just one season, or (as in the coco-mat variety) are only suitable to a thatched-roof cottage in the English countryside.  

We want planters with traditional, classical details that will look beautiful hanging from our window sills before the flowers have even begun blooming.  So we're making them!  We hope they're just what you've been looking for, too.


Charleston's modern classical designers Bevan & Liberatos were charged with designing standard models of window boxes to accommodate varying levels of refinement.  They took inspiration from three kinds of houses found in Charleston: the simple Carriage House, the "Charleston" or Single House, and the classical homes of the High Battery, and have designed boxes that are as timeless as they are chic.